The Compass Club had its beginnings back in 1951 when three prominent local businessmen, Jack Carson, Stanley Curtis, and William F. Webb, met at lunchtime in Downtown Toledo to discuss religious and spiritual topics. Their intent was shown in the motto which they adopted, “He who seeketh not direction, is already lost.” They later enlarged upon the idea by inviting guest speakers to address the group. Several months later a second group was started and by the end of 1954 seven groups were meeting. Today the Club has a membership of active seniors of approximately 75 and still invites participation by people of all walks of life and beliefs.

The original founders would be surprised at the growth and changes in the organization. Members can be seen arriving as early as possible to meet with their friends and get ready for the day’s “nuggets of knowledge.” Travel slides and films have stimulated the “travel bug.” Many members return with their pictures from worldwide trips, which they then present as a program. Local authors, personalities, leaders, and experts are invited to share with the group on a weekly basis.